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As you watch the Olympics, pray for Christians in countries with persecution – Open Doors

Open Doors is asking Christians to remember their brothers and sisters suffering for their faith in dozens of the countries competing in this year’s Olympics.

The human rights organization said that of the 206 countries participating in the Tokyo Olympics, 49 are in the Open Doors World Watch List of 50 countries where it is most dangerous to be a Christian.

This includes India, where Christians are being attacked, harassed and denied Covid-19 food aid. And Iran, where house church leaders face interrogation, raids and imprisonment.

Open Doors is asking Christians in democratic countries to pray for Christians living in the 49 competing countries that do not enjoy religious freedom.

“Over the next two weeks, as the athletes peacefully come together on the world stage, our sisters and brothers will continue to suffer for their faith, far away from medal counts and media attention,” said Lindy Lowry, managing editor of Open Doors USA, in a bulletin to supporters.

“Of course, we also need to remember that in all these countries, God is still writing the story. In Iran, the church is seeing some of its most aggressive growth in history.

“And in India, the church is rapidly expanding through bold believers who press on in their faith and share the gospel.

“So, as you watch the Olympic Games over the next two weeks, remember your family in these 49 countries and beyond who are faithfully running a race for a crown that will never fade.

“Let’s be their crowd of witnesses and remind them we’re one church and one family.”

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